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How Large Is Your Land Lot?

When searching for a home, lot size should be one of your top priorities. This will determine whether you can build the type of house desired and how much living space will be provided in its vicinity.

Your lot size may also impact how much you can sell your home for, should you decide to do so. A larger lot typically indicates higher value and will be more appealing to potential buyers than smaller lots that require development or restrict construction options.

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Measuring your land lot is easy. Read your property deed, which will provide a detailed account of the boundaries and size of your plot.

Once you have this data, you can input it into an online calculator to obtain an estimated total land size. This method works best for lots that are rectangular or square in shape since it will be straightforward to determine their length and width.

However, if your land parcel is irregular in shape, you’ll have to take into account the different angles at each corner. This can be quite complex but fortunately there’s a handy calculator available that will assist in figuring it out.

Another popular method to determine the area of a land lot is using a formula that takes into account each side’s length and breadth. This will provide you with an exact measurement in square feet.

If your land lot is irregular, you can determine its area using a formula that takes into account each side’s angle. There are separate formulas for shapes with various angles like kites, parallelograms and trapezoids.

You can locate a land lot by viewing a plat map, which provides detailed information about a property and each parcel. This will enable you to identify any easements that could affect where your lot sits.

It’s also wise to research your local zoning laws, as these will dictate how large of a piece of land you need to buy in order to build the home you desire. Zoning regulations vary by state but usually include rules regarding setbacks – boundaries between lots which determine how far your house can be built from the edges and close it can be to neighbor’s properties.

It is ultimately your choice which method works best for your property and needs. Remember that precise measurements should always be used when sizing up a lot; anything less is an error.

Google maps offers measurement tools that make measuring your land plot a breeze. These devices feature GPS technology which records your movements and provides precise perimeter measurements for the perimeter of your lot.

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