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Shea Butter Lip Balms

Shea Butter is an emollient, protective ingredient that softens, nurtures and repairs skin from dryness, irritation and sun damage. It naturally contains fatty acids as well as Vitamins A, E and F that nourish and repair damaged cells from within.

Ogee Lip Oil Sphere

This luxurious lip balm formula is made with shea butter and various oils to moisturize your lips all day long. You can apply it over or under lipstick for all-day moisture. Packaged in an oversized lip pencil for easy application, the balm also has tinted oils for subtle color enhancement.

Tree Hut Sugarlips Shea Butter Lip Creme

Sugarlips has created a lip butter formula with shea butter and rosehip oil to soften, heal and condition dry, chapped lips. This shea butter-based treatment has an ultrasmooth feel as well as a subtle natural fragrance of vanilla with notes of rosehip, chinaberry and pomegranate.

Apply a thin layer and rub into your lips until fully absorbed. With its creamy texture that glides onto lips with a slow-medium absorption rate, this long lasting conditioner will quickly soak into your lips for added moisture.

NOURISH Cocoa & Butter Lip Creme

NOURISH is an intensely hydrating lip conditioner made with organic cocoa butter and known lip-nourishing oils to give you plumper, more vibrant lips. Formulated with unrefined organic cocoa butter and other beneficial ingredients for optimal lip health.

This tinted lip glaze helps heal your lips with its 100% vegan base of rich plant oils, Cocoa & Shea butters and Vitamin E while providing intense hydration and subtle color. Plus, it is blended with plant-based wax so it melts onto your lips without any stickiness or sticky feeling and lasts throughout the day.

Shea Butter for Chapped Lips – A Guide to Finding the Ideal Product
Most lip balms contain petroleum and other synthetic chemicals that may irritate your lips over time, making them worse. Instead, look for a balm that uses humectants and plant-based fatty acids which will hydrate and nourish your lips.

Palmer’s Raw Shea Formula

Our Raw Shea Butter is rich in essential fatty acids that hydrate and soften skin. It makes an excellent moisturizer for all types of skin conditions and has been used for centuries to heal burns, sores, dermatitis and chapped lips.

Herbal First Aid in a Tube

This convenient lip balm is the solution to all your lip care needs. Powered by healing herbal ingredients, it soothes chapped lips, heals cuts and scrapes, prevents bug bites and provides lasting moisture to leave your lips feeling soft and glossy. With this first aid at your disposal at all times, you’ll always have an effective remedy on hand for quick fixes when needed.

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