Who is the football player Angel Di Maria: career, personal life

Angel Di Maria, hailed as a footballing genius, embarked on his remarkable journey from the streets of Rosario, Argentina, where his love for the sport was ignited at the tender age of three. Rapidly progressing through the ranks of a local club’s academy, he laid the groundwork for his future exploits. His debut for Independiente in 2005 marked the commencement of an illustrious career, complemented by a call-up to Argentina’s youth national team.

European Odyssey: Benfica and Real Madrid

European scouts soon took notice of Di Maria’s burgeoning talent, leading to a transfer to Benfica, where he penned a lucrative five-year contract. His tenure at Benfica coincided with a triumphant display at the 2008 Olympics, showcasing his synergy with Lionel Messi. Subsequently, his move to Real Madrid saw him shine amidst the shadows of Cristiano Ronaldo, before a record-breaking transfer to Manchester United.

Parisian Adventure and Juventus Excursion

Opting for a change of scenery, Di Maria graced Paris Saint-Germain’s jersey in 2015, captivating fans with his extraordinary talent over seven seasons. However, a new chapter unfolded in Turin, where he delighted Juventus supporters with his enduring brilliance.

Stats, Records, and Jersey Legacy

Di Maria’s illustrious career boasts 616 club appearances, accompanied by an impressive tally of 150 goals and 181 assists. On the international stage, he represented Argentina 129 times, netting 27 goals and providing 16 assists. Throughout his journey, he adorned jerseys numbered 20, 22, 7, 11, and 14, reverting to the iconic number 22 upon joining Juventus.

Personal Life: Harmony Amidst Fame

In stark contrast to the tumultuous lives of many celebrities, Di Maria embodies familial stability, enjoying a decade-long marriage to fellow Argentine Jorgelina Cardoso. Their enduring union, characterized by mutual support, has yielded a daughter, Mia, whom Di Maria adores.

Financial Success and Career Pursuits

Accumulating substantial wealth through his tenure at Europe’s premier clubs, Di Maria’s annual contract with Juventus fetches a substantial 7.59 million euros, solidifying his financial security. His net worth exceeds $20 million, a testament to his financial acumen and on-field success. By the way, if you bet on football and want to get bonuses, follow the link and get your deposit bonuses.

Latest News and Speculations

Recent whispers suggest a potential move for Di Maria to clubs in Qatar, Saudi Arabia, or Major League Soccer, though the enigmatic star remains coy about his future endeavors. Amidst speculations, Di Maria prioritizes his family’s well-being above all else, leaving fans and journalists intrigued about his next chapter.

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