10 of the Best Fishing Villages in the UK

Experience a country’s culture like never before by spending time in its most charming fishing villages. From Cornwall’s cozy harbours to Northumberland’s windswept coves, here are 10 of the UK’s most charming fishing villages that will surely enchant visitors with their idyllic nooks and crannies.

The list of UK’s best fishing villages is vast, featuring places like Craster in Northumberland and Clovelly in Devon – making it impossible to select just 10. Whether you’re planning a romantic getaway or taking a relaxing vacation, these stunning coastal locations should not be missed.

Fishing is an integral part of life in Cornwall, with some of its most stunning beaches and coves having their origins during a time when this seafaring county was at its core. Crail’s majestic white cliffs and shingle beaches, Beer’s picturesque harbour, or Cadgwith on the Lizard Peninsula – are just a few examples why this coastline holds such special meaning to locals.

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Charlestown, near St Austell, is an unspoiled late Georgian working port that once housed a fleet of tall ships. This sheltered settlement has been at the centre of local life for centuries and today consists of hewn fishermen’s cottages, period houses and rustic shipbuilding huts.

With its pretty clapboard buildings, classic pubs and the occasional gaff-rigged fishing boat, it’s no wonder why Crail made the list of Britain’s best fishing villages. Its historic harbour, situated against Crail Valley’s steep cliff face, provides natural shelter from Atlantic swells.

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This vibrant village is home to numerous restaurants serving locally caught seafood and several pubs. It also serves as an ideal starting point for exploring the surrounding area – and you can rent bikes here too!

Lubec, Maine’s easternmost lobster fishing village, is also one of its prettiest. Lined with simple but charming shops along Main Street, Lubec makes for an excellent starting point for day cruises to Quoddy Head State Park.

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Jean Lafitte, Louisiana’s inland saltwater fishing grounds, is one of the nation’s premier fishing villages. This picturesque community offers a stunning variety of flora and fauna as well as some excellent restaurants and bars that serve up some of the region’s finest cuisine.

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Fishing boats frequently dock at the docks and guests can book charters for deep-sea diving, cruising or simply having a glass of wine with friends while admiring the view. Guests who want to cast their own lines also have plenty of options at the local pier.

With a population of less than 1,000, this picturesque village sits on the banks of Chesapeake Bay and offers plenty of attractions for everyone. From old-fashioned Main Street to Quoddy Head State Park’s lighthouse, there’s something special about this sleepy port.

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